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Easy management of your code changes in nopCommerce.
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nopEasyCode is a Windows based software and must be executed on a laptop or PC with Windows 8 or higher.

The software can save you a lot of time when implementing all your source code changes into a new version of nopCommerce.

First time you must put some effort in where to implement changes, but when done you can easily integrate the changes into new changesets/versions.

With nopEasyCode you can:

  • Modify single file changes.
  • Modify all files with changes with a single click.
  • Analyze changes before implementing in newer/older nop versions.
  • Identify code changes not compatible with new/older versions.
  • Implement changes to new/old nop version in 5 minutes.
  • Implement changes into new change sets within minutes.
  • Easy distribute code changes to other team members without sending source, just ZIP change files (max. 30kb) and email.
  • Export the list of modifications to Excel.
  • Get a overview of all modified files.

nopEasyCode needs a license to implement as many changes as you like, without a valid licensekey it´s running in Trial mode. In trial mode you are only allowed 2 changes per file.


Within 24hrs after ordering we will provide you with a download link, so please use valid email adress when registration. 

Video 1 Insert code changes

Video 2 Replace source code line


nopEasyCode Video 5 Analyze on newer version


Bug fixes and improvements: Please contact us if you find bugs or have suggestions for improvements.



Products specifications
nopCommerce 3.70
nopCommerce 3.60
nopCommerce 3.50
nopCommerce 3.40
nopCommerce 3.30
nopCommerce 3.20
nopCommerce 3.10
nopCommerce 3.00
nopCommerce 2.x
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